Welcome to Discovery Day Preschool!

Each class curriculum will address learning in all developmental areas: physical, social, emotional, language, aesthetic, and intellectual. Various disciplines, such as math, science, language, or social studies, will be integrated through themes, projects, play, and other learning experiences. We understand that each child develops in different areas at different rates. We have planned a developmentally appropriate curriculum that will be effective for each individual child. We will provide each class with opportunities for cooperative and collaborative learning to foster social and academic competencies for each age group.

The class ages are how old they are as of September 1st, 2013
The class schedule and monthly tuition are as follows:

Days Time Age Tuition
MWF 9:30-12:00 4 yr olds $90
TTh 9:30-11:30 3 yr olds $80
TWTh 12:45-3:15 3 and 4 yr olds $90

A non-refundable registration/supply fee of $65 for MWF class and TWTh class and; $50 for all TTh classes will be used to hold your child's spot. This fee will be used immediately to purchase supplies for the entire year and cannot be refunded.

Pre Kindergarten Guidelines

Click on the the link to read the pre kindergarten guidelines that Discovery Day Preschool Follows.